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April 1, 2022

The House and Senate adjourned late Wednesday night, ending the 58th legislative day of the 2022 Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly. Although this week only saw two full legislative days, both were long days filled with action.
The week began with a full slate of Senate Committee meetings on Monday and continuing into Tuesday. The House and Senate then both gaveled in on Tuesday and unveiled the near-final product of the negotiations for the state’s next 2-year budget, HB 1. The budget bill is a healthy 249 pages long and details the state’s spending over the next two state fiscal years. In the ongoing expenses categories, there are increases in the SEEK funding for school districts, increases in salaries for all state workers, and additional increases for social worker staff at the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. HB 1 also detailed one-time spending of more of the remaining APRA and other federal dollars. They are being spent on projects like overhauling the state parks, overhauling the Kentucky Fairgrounds, and a myriad of smaller spending on various projects. There is also a $75 million grant fund created to offer assistance to non-profits in Kentucky that have struggled through the pandemic. House Bill 1 passed both the House and Senate on Wednesday, and is now in the Governor’s hands for action.
The Governor has line-item veto power over appropriations bills, meaning he can strike out particular lines, or entire sections of the budget. The Veto period that begins Thursday, the 31st, ends on Monday, April 11th. By that time, the General Assembly will know the fate of all the bills on the Governor’s desk, and they can take action on the last two days to consider overriding any vetoes the Governor issues over the next 10 days.
The House and Senate both return on Wednesday, April 13th for the final two days of the session. They will consider veto overrides, but they will also undoubtedly work to get remaining priority legislation to the Governor. But keep in mind that any legislation passed after the veto period will not have an opportunity for veto overrides. Once the House and Senate adjourn Sine Die on the 14th, they will not be back in session until January 2023, unless called into a special session.
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